Cycling tours

As a bed & bike hotel - certified by ADFC, the Hotel Kaiserhof is the ideal starting point for your cycling tour.
The Lower Rhine region offers ideal conditions for relaxing and enjoyable cycling tours. The changing landscape from urban areas to ice covered mountain tops offers incredible views of the surrounding area.
Here is a selection of possible cycling tours on the Lower Rhine:

Biclycle tours at Lower Rhine

The Lower Rhine route, expanded by 2000 km to the south, is signposted, traffic-safe and obstacle-free. The dense network of routes allows you to plan holiday trips, weekend and day trips of any desired length.

Herrensitz route

The "Herensitz route" lets you cycling past interesting historical buildings and along the banks of Niers and Maas.

Via Romana route

Cycling in the footsteps of the Romans is the motto of the Via Romana. On this bicycle route, you will learn the history and see the sights fn the Lower Rhine region between Germany and the Netherlands.

Nordkanal route

"Fietsallee along the North Channel" was selected as the "cycling route of 2009 in North Rhine-Westphalia". The 100 km long cycle path traces Bonaparte's "grand Canal du Nord" and reminds us of the political and economic importance of the region between the Rhine and Maas.


With the bike on the trail of the Romans - the Roman route from Xanten to Detmold measuring 315 km. One thing you will not be to see an ancient Roman cycling along the ROMAN ROUTE. Many enthusiastic cyclists follow the trail of the Romans from the Lower Rhine to the Teutoburg forest.